"...To be a leading provider of innovative, revenue generating products and 
solutions to the telecom industry, using advanced technologies in wireless
and wireline communication, signal analysis, data mining and artificial 

- Alex Last

Founder & MD


Established in June 2000, LAS Technologies Pte Ltd is in the business of system integration and product development, focusing mainly on Wireless Telecom, Internet IT (including E/M-Commerce) and Data-Mining technologies.

The strength of LAS Technologies lies in the skills and resources of its founding members. While already conversant with major IT infrastructure, our principal consulting staff has more than 14 years of industry experience in the telecommunication sector.  In addition, we have established wide affiliate contacts in major countries, which can be tapped to advance your interests in the wireless portal.

In addition to marketing and business development services, the Company also provides software customization and adaptation, system integration and post-sale technical support services, using cutting-edge applications and technologies.  The list of products and services is by no means exhaustive, and we encourage our website visitors to explore and discuss with us the applications that best suit your needs.








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