LAS Technologies has access to a range of technologies related to the wireless & telecommunication industry including:


  • Online content recognition

Technologies based on advanced statistical algorithms such Neural Networks for recognition of multimedia content such as text, images and streaming audio.


  • Natural language processing

Technologies enable human interactions with information databases by using natural language processing, customizable to adapt to local lingo.


  • Instant messaging

Technologies enable simultaneous device-to-device chats such as PC-to-PDA, PDA-to-hand-phone and PC-to-hand-phone communication, as well as mobile e-Commerce for advertising and promotional purposes.


  • Multimedia compression

Intelligent multimedia content compression technologies for accelerating the speed of downloads and enabling better bandwidth utilization of next generation communication systems.


  • Trans-coding technologies

On-the-fly trans-coding technologies enabling instant translation of HTML to WML and Voice- XML protocols.


  • Speech and image processing technologies

Audio and video pattern recognition techniques for identification, authentication, and verification purposes.


  • Data-mining technologies

Data-mining technologies for extracting valuable information and analysis of trend patterns from large databases.








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