Our team has many years of experience and track records in designing, developing and implementing various networks and engineering applications, hardware and software technologies. With a strong engineering and technical knowledge, the team is poised to assist organizations to reach new height in wireless, security, data networks, e-business and other business applications.


Alex Last – Managing Director and Founder


Alex Last, Managing Director and Founder, has a record of 30 years in a high-tech environment.  During his 30-year tenure in the Telecom industry, Alex Last spent 12 years as a Development Engineer and Director of a top R&D establishment and 18 years in international marketing, mainly to Asia Pacific region. Prior to LAS Technologies, he had been with Comverse Technology Inc for 10 years as their Executive VP for Business Development, and under this position he developed strong work relations with Government organizations and Teleco’s in Singapore, Australia, Thailand, Indonesia, China, Taiwan and South Korea. Alex Last holds two academic degrees (B.Sc. and M.Sc.) in Electronics Engineering.


Andrew Tan – Vice President,

Business Development / R & D


Andrew Tan, Vice President for Business Development and R&D, responsible for the formation of strategic alliances with partner companies; and internal research & development activities.  Andrew has 15 years of working experience in the areas of telecommunication, information technology and software/hardware development – of which 6 years in product development and management in one of the key technology companies within the Singapore Technologies Group. Prior to joining LAS Technologies, Andrew was the Product Development Manager of MobileOne – the 2nd largest mobile operator – and was primarily responsible to develop new value-added services for the GSM and GPRS markets. Andrew holds an academic degree (B.Eng., 1st class honors) in Computer Systems and Software Engineering.


Charles Lam – Director of Sales & Marketing

Charles Lam, Director of Sales & Marketing, responsible in spearheading marketing activities and promoting the Company’s products in the Asia Pacific region. Charles brings with him a wealth of 15 years of working experience in the areas of telecommunications, data communications, information technology and software/hardware development. Prior to joining LAS Technologies, Charles spent 7 years as Senior Engineer and Network Consultant with DEC and Datacraft Asia, and 8 years with Lucent and Comverse as Regional Sales Director & Business Development for the telecom  market. Charles holds 2 academic degrees (B.Sc and M.Sc) in Engineering and Information Technology.






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