Our portfolio of solutions for the telecoms industry features:


  • Mobile information services via SMS, Voice- XML and WAP

Access to information on-the-go via SMS, Interactive Voice Response and WAP is now not only possible, but much more convenient thanks to the unique bundle of natural language processing, instant messaging and voice and signal analysis technologies.


  • Intelligent and cost effective Pre-Paid and VAS platform

Enabling high capacity, real-time charging of voice, SMS and GPRS sessions without additional load to the switching and SMSC network. In addition, same platform enables cost-effective deployment of value-added services for wireless voice and data communication, using intelligent routing and signal processing techniques.


  • Video streaming over wireless

Our solution for video streaming over wireless brings life to your PDA’s and smart mobile phones. Now you can view streamed movie and MTV clips, as well as video messages, on the fly and without the need to download it first.


  • Fraud detection and management of IP and Next Generation networks

Highly sophisticated, automatic techniques for on-line (internal and external) fraud detection and management of large distributed IP and next generation networks, preventing revenue loss, denial of service damages and security breach.


  • Wireless entertainment solutions

Our solutions enable intelligent games and entertainment services via wireless (SMS and WAP) communication, featuring open platform approach and free Software Development Kit for all game developers.


  • Location-based platform and applications

Innovative platform for on-line gathering and processing of location data from mobile subscribers, using network-transparent interfacing and transmission techniques and enabling a variety of push/pull location-base applications.


  • Unified authentication and secure payment solution for M-commerce applications

Mobile Commerce transactions over wireless are now more secure with the unified authentication and secure payment techniques, based on advanced image and speech processing as well as data-mining technologies.


  • Content Licensing, Distribution & Aggregation

L.A.S Technologies will identify, source and supply the format and content to suit your target market. It could be a well known video game, a DVD film, a music CD or a mobile phone game. We can also incorporate the latest innovations in digital distribution/delivery platforms and in wireless communications, mobile electronics and the Internet.






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